Saturday, September 11

My Own Personal Nightmare

This is not an emo post. Do not fear. I was, however, out for a run this morning and went to a cutesy neighbourhood nearby. There were people everywhere and streets closed in an area that is usually quiet and peaceful. Then I saw them. GARAGE SALES! I guess, technically speaking, yard and sidewalk sales. Every three houses or so someone was selling their old crap, for cheap! Here is the nightmare part: I had NO MONEY. Not even a quarter to bargain with. Besides, had I stopped in my odorous state it may not have been appreciated.

Obviously you are all horrified by now. But it gets worse. I have to run OWeek all day today. I CAN"T GO BACK AND SALE! Nooooooooooooo! I'm heading out now for an even I've been excited for all week (summer) but now it is tainted.

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