Monday, September 6

I Know that Mangoes are Sweet

Camp songs anyone? "I Like Bananas" was high up there on my favourites list. But this post is about mangoes, peaches and pectin. It was on my to-do list to make jam while home in August and I made it on the very last day.

Initially, I found a recipe online for mango-peach jam that required no added sugar due to some fancy-schmancy, no-sugar-needed pectin. Except it wasn't available when I went to get supplies. Scratch that plan. I ended up with Certo pectin and just improvised with the peach jam recipe on the inside of the box. Half peaches, half mangoes. 5 cups of sugar (!) Even though the recipe didn't call for it I added a little cinnamon. It is tough to go wrong with fruit and cinnamon. My mom helped me (so I guess it wasn't all on my own) with the hardcore canning. Bake glass jars at 150F to sterilize. Boil lids, seals (plomb not phoque), tongs, funnel. When jam is all bubbly-boily ready funnel into jars then quickly apply seal and lid. Wait. If the lid compresses (can't be pushed down, like before you've opened your Snapple) you're good to go. Officially preserved.

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Beth said...

i feel quiet honoured that i am going to receive some jam.

i can't wait.

i might be drooling a little as i write this.