Saturday, September 25

Growth and Friendship

This week has been a week of learning. Life has taught me (from both sides of the coin) that someone can hurt you in ways that they never meant to by doing what they need to do for themselves. It still hurts.

There are four people in my life that I owe some major thanks. The giant, pay-it-forward kind of thanks. Hi-C and ShanWow thanks for all your time you could have been studying craniofacial anomalies and deglutition sacrificed for something entirely less glamourous.

For the two others, I haven't mentioned them on here before. We have known each other since I was an incredibly awkward teenager and I was wholly intimidated by them. Funny how things change as you grow up ;) I have been struggling to write this post. The best way to explain them would be: if you asked me if there was anyone who, regardless of whether I choose to believe in God or not, truly represents the fundamental message of love for other people that Christianity claims I would immediately say yes. Of course people can be loving without religion, that isn't the issue. However, when someone lives their faith as honestly as them who am I to question where that comes from? Perhaps I am forced in this instance to bend my worldview ever so slightly to fit them inside. I aspire to live (and love) like that some day. Thank you.

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