Monday, July 26

August 2010

Since I likely won't be working this August (my one month off of school this year) I've decided to tackle some life goals. Albeit some smaller life goals but goals nonetheless. I keep a little goal list over at 43Things because I enjoy checking them off waaaay too much.

The ones I intend to complete this summer include, but are not limited to:
1. Run 10km (ok, I'm only at 7km now and being lazy so this one is a stretch....but who knows)
2. Send a postcard to postsecret (now I need a secret....)
3. Write a letter to the editor (or any editor, it doesn't have to be the one. Perhaps I'll write in praise of the latest National Geographic. I didn't specify that the letter had to be scathing)
4. See a meteor shower (August 12th, the Perseids. Drive north and look east)
5. Make jam (flavour suggestions? I'm thinkin rasp)
6. Make a pie (falls under the same category as jam: domestic)
7. Make a pinhole camera (I've wanted to do this since high school photography class)
8. Unnamed item on the list (I have a plan)
9. Commit a poem to memory (Just used the rest of my BMV/ANEGS gift card on a book of Pablo Neruda poetry in English and which language to memorize?)


Beth said...

katie. i LOVE your list. you should ask my friend karen about jams & pies - she's killer at baking things like that.

i would like to see how a pinhole camera works!! and i've been wanting to write a secret in to PS for forever.

in other words, are you SURE you want to spend august in the soo??

Katie V. said...

Thanks, I'm really excited! Are you sure you want to spend August in toronto???? The Sault has plenty of room for more people :)