Tuesday, July 20

First Peanuts and now....

Toilet paper rolls???? What isn't considered 'dangerous' these days? I firmly believe that health and safety regulations are getting a little ridiculous. This week I planned a craft for a group therapy activity that involved fashioning a pirate using a toilet paper roll. However, we ended up making (cool) paper bag pirate puppets (say that 10 times fast) because IT IS AGAINST HEALTH REGULATIONS TO USE TOILET PAPER ROLLS!!!! My first thought was: ok, maybe they discovered the glue was horribly toxic a la Seinfeld envelopes. The true reason, though, is simply that the toilet paper rolls have been inside the bathroom. What? I've been inside a bathroom, am I allowed to conduct therapy before a hazmat washdown? Give kids a little more credit and some room to grow and breathe.


Maia said...


Oh, TLC :(

Dare I ask who exactly was the one to enforce that rule?

Punk Bob Plaid Pants said...

lol, so I guess the kids aren't allowed in the bathroom? Just make them wear diapers until they are adults? What about toothbrushes, those are typically stored in the bathroom lol.