Friday, July 2

Back in Action

I finally put my crazy shoes back on and went out for a run. Instead of trying for speed I went for feel-goodness. And I did. 5.13km in about 32 minutes and I felt great the whole time. AND it was in the middle of the afternoon. I don't tend to fare well running in the midday sun.

Talking with CabbagePatch (the current housie) made me realize that I don't really own any bling. No man or family member has ever showered me with jewelry (mostly at my own request; I'm more into cheap costume jewelry and tend to lose things). Besides, this is the kind of bling I want:
Check it out here to see all the fabulous specs. I could know my HEART RATE! Which would be helpful because the book keeps telling me to stay within 70% of my max heart rate. If I go over 100% does my heart explode?

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