Saturday, July 17

ANEGS in July

Way back in December our class celebrated ANEGS that involved an exchange of goods (and some services). From the lovely Sharon (potential new code name: Hurlkerr? Eddie?) I received a crisp BMV Books gift certificate. A perfect gift. Yet I was still holding on to it, safely in my wallet in case I pass by a BMV, which I have done a few times since. The thing about gift cards is that they hold potential; endless possibilities. Because of this it takes me many trips to said store and much mulling over various choices to be sure that I select the very best. On the way home last night from the Victory Cafe with 3 friends from undergrad (75% of the group was former Campus for Christ staff) I discovered that BMV is open until midnight on Fridays.

My finds for the night:
Swimming Lessons, a collection of short stories by Rohinton Mistry. I always claim that he is my favourite author but I haven't strayed from his novels. Now I'm branching out.

The World Without Us by Alan Weisman. I've already posted about this book. It is a personal favourite and have been contemplating a second read.

I still have a little potential left on the card for later :)

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