Thursday, December 27


These last few days I have been using my reading time to learn about a few select topics:

1. Physics and the universe. Thank you Stephen Hawkings for your "A Brief History of Time". Thank you for bringing insane concepts somewhere within my grasp. This book (so far) I would recommend, as long as you don't mind 'reflecting' (WHAT IS THIS? My brain hurts) and rereading paragraphs a few (5) times. The language is simple but right now most is based on the idea of space-time so picturing a 4D universe is a challenge (for me at least)

2. The life (haha) of cadavers in "Stiff" by Mary Roach. My brother bestowed this on me (although I may have asked for it) and I have soaked in the first third learning how cadavers are used in experiments to improve safety for us living.

3. Living a little more eco- and health-friendly from "Ecoholic", which is a how-to guide to buying the most earth-friendly products and cutting out some things all together. Simpler (although maybe not easier) ways of living and it is written FOR CANADIANS. No more suggestions that just aren't available here (no more excuses?)

In another book that fits more under the environment category is "The World Without Us". In this book I read one of the most beautiful ideas I have read in a long time. Lovely in a melancholy way because I can't fathom it happening and it saddens me to think about but I know it could be the best thing (in theory). Right, the theory. There is a group, the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT) that has suggested that the best world would be one where humans suddenly stop reproducing and slowly die out to leave the earth untaxed by our species to recover.

Here is the beautiful part. With no one new being born our responsibility falls to caring for only those who are already born, a finite number of individuals. In theory we would grow wiser upon reflecting on our demise and begin to care for those around us. Slowly there would be an end to homeless children, extreme poverty and war. I feel like I'm not doing justice to this concept. Of course in reality it would be sad. Maybe I would never have my own children. There would be no grandchildren either. In ten years there would be no small children which would be truly a loss. We all seem to want to leave a legacy as well. The idea of nothing replacing us, continuing what we have begun, remembering us, can be undesirable. But really, why? Once you leave the earth that's it, there is no going back (unless you think you can haunt). How about everyone just read the book or pages 241-244. Or check out the website.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Katie V.

I appreciate your poetic and well written words related to the VHEMT concept.
As member of that group since many years ago, I appreciate when someone instead of being sacred of the idea, is able to write kind and thoughtful comments.

Thank you