Saturday, December 29

We used to call that 'goth'

Tonight could be classified by feeling very 'dated'. We didn't even have emo when I was in school. And one would have a pretty hard time getting into a band without owning Converse sneakers. Alas, one more item to add to the list of why I will never be in a band. (1. no musical talent, 2. not cool enough, ....). We hung around for three bands tonight at a local all ages show. It had to be all ages so that the bands could get in apparently.

But the second band, only three dudes of just 15 (at least the lead singer) really rocked it. I really enjoyed their show and I'm not just referring to watching the drummer make hilarious faces while performing. The music was good. My favourite was easily their ode to Laser Cat followed closely by the Makeout, when No one is Watching (for the romantic types). They ended their set with a touching their bus driver. Takes away a bit of their street cred. Hey, at least they still have their Converse.

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Silas said...

glad you're back safely! and to know a bit of what's happening even though you're no longer across another continent.