Saturday, January 5

Considering gambling as an alternative

My bank account is at its lowest since it opened. My total worth is less than $100 (i thought that was supposed to happen as a student!). This is a result of my decision to take a class at the local university however I may not be able to buy the book for the first few weeks haha. Which gets me to the real thoughts:

1. Getting to Guelph this month may be somewhat unrealistic.
2. That makes me sad
3. I can appreciate living in my parents home for free right about now.
4. I really need a job but I hate looking and my pride keeps me from wanting to try places of 'lower status'. I mean really, I have an undergraduate degree.....

Why can't I just want to be a teacher???

1 comment:

Beth said...

i'll teach you all i know about texas hold 'em.