Friday, January 11

Running out of Sheep

For the first few weeks back home my problem was just getting too much sleep. Out by 1am, awake by 11....12....1230pm. Very unusual for me but I went with it (partly because I had no way to fight my unconscious turning off the alarm). But now it is becoming INSOMNIAC II. A bit of an exaggeration, I realize people struggle with insomnia for months with hardly any sleep. However, it feels like insomnia. For about a week I have been faithfully 'laying me down to sleep' (thank you Sophie B. Hawkins) before, or close to, midnight. Maybe watching some e.r. and reading to finally attempt sleep when good and tired around 130am. I realize these could be the first of many mistakes, maybe I should be hitting the bed at 630 each night when I could put my head on the table beside my broccoli and drool onto my napkin. Anyway, the whole point of this ramble (See! Not enough sleep!) is that I end up lying awake until 7am or later going completely crazy. Last night I was partly overwhelmed by thinking about stuff (you know, deep stuff) but most of the other times I just plain couldn't sleep. I hope it doesn't come to drinking warm milk....ew.

In my shortened days I have already been able to meet with my new friend twice. The family moved here from Mexico 5 years ago, at first temporarily but has become permanent. The couple's 11 year old daughter is in French emersion during the day so I hang out with the wife and their 3 year old son. It is good for both of us since we switch back and forth between Spanish and English (her English is quite good, she just doesn't have english-speaking friends). The little boy just speaks Spanglish.

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