Saturday, January 19

Putting the laundry into the washing machine I had to concentrate to keep my loose ring from slipping in with the clothes (the same ring I almost left behind in the Sudbury bus station this morning). Congratulating myself on my careful attention to detail and simultaneously checking my watch??!?!? WHERE iS MY WATCH?! Luckily I saved her from the water cycle before it was too late.

Maybe I was tired from the 13 hours of bus time I put in to come home after two days in Guelph. It did not feel like 8 months had passed since the last time I was in the city. I really had no real sadness or longing to be back but did get to chill with some great peeps. My time also introduced me to the possibility of creating some of my own fun board games. For example, Hoopla, from the cranium company, could be created, with a bit of work, from magazines, a computer and printer and some laminating. I guess an oven timer too.


Silas said...

katie you must see the 2/3 section of the Colbert Report for Jan 17. there is spanish in it!!!

Jelena said...

Wow, c'est tres pretty... your layout, that is. I haven't visited for many moons, I suppose.

I fell in love with Heath Ledger when he first appeared in "Roar", a delightful tv mini-series that had my grade 8-ish friends and I all falling in love with him.

I found out last night. I'm not entirely sure how I felt/feel, but I thought: what a shame to live a life of fame, and yet, to not know the Famous One.