Monday, January 14

Full of Rink food

Saturday was my 'one month back in Canada'. To celebrate I came to Pittsburgh with my uncle for 5 days. I can't really complain since they treat me soooo well here. Tonight my uncle and my cousin and I watched the Penguins win their 10th straight game (of not losing) against the Rangers. It started on a positive note with the first fight 7 seconds into the game. It was also Maldik (oh, you know who I mean!), his second hat trick in the last few games. I can officially say I have seen Sidney Crosby play (and assist) even if I only found out who he was on Friday.

It was established that the hockey crowd of a sold out 17000 fans was the largest group I have been in the midst of (sentence technically over in a preposition....). On the way there I asked if I was the only one whose heart beats a bit faster whenever I realise I will be in a big crowd. Apparently I was the only one in that car. Once I'm there I have fun but arriving stresses me real good. My heart didn't thank me for the ice cream and nachos either but I ate some whole wheat toast for breakfast.

Did I say I get treated well? Tomorrow is Bodies: The Exhibition. Basically a rip-off of Bodyworld; which is exactly why I want to go. Wednesday night my aunt and I will sit 17 rows from the stage to see the Lion King. First pro sports game live, first theatre live, skinned human bodies -- how lucky can a girl be?


Silas said...

ah you saw a pittsburgh game! you've been to an nhl game before me lucky you! i wish i could see crosby live. and the other dudes name is malik. i'm pretty sure... and to think i have a fantasy hockey team.

do you have claustrophobia? or many-people-phobia?

Anonymous said...

it's Malkin