Tuesday, January 29

name dropping

The local newspaper has once again put out its edition of babies from the previous year. I read it to find out what parents are calling their children since I am fascinated by names. This has brought a declaration, some names have to be stopped. This isn't to say that they are bad names - many are great names - but they are too popular for their own good.

The winners of the droppage are: Ava and Evan. There were about 8 Avas out of 150 babies. What if they all end up in the same class??? I know at least four people with children named Evan.

Some runners up are Hannah, Jaden (jayden, jaeden, jadyn....).

My winner for favourite name: Tiia Pearl.

Most likely found while playing Boggle: Daxyn

On another note: I have a job. I wasn't directly looking for a job at this location but my former boss scrounged up some money and brought be back two months early. Luckily I actually argued down my hours for this extra time to 20 hours. It is somewhat up in the air exactly what I will be doing but I couldn't say no to a pay cheque (the first since September).

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