Friday, February 1

environmental pipe dreams

For Christmas I received "Ecoholic" from Mark to teach me how to life a more healthy life and an more environmentally sound existence. While I have been reading it and thinking on the information I officially put it into action on Wednesday; it was fun!

Something about having a snow day erasing my second day back at work (where I worked last summer, but just a bit extended) got me into a cleaning mood. Gathering up the usual armful of chemicals (and a little Brown Cow for me) used to make the bathroom less infectious made me stop and think about what I would soon be inhaling and have seeping into my skin. Then I remembered the cleaning section of my new book (not until after I emptied half a bottle of Dran-O into the sink to unclog it). While waiting the required 30 minutes I read up on bathroom cleaning in the book and traded the chemicals for some vinegar and water. Vinegar does work and doesn't leave behind much of a smell but is repugnant during the cleaning process meaning I will be making up a mixture of vinegar, water and tea tree oil spray for next time. Straight baking soda on the shower could use a boost and I will likely try something else next. Disappointingly the book had little to offer for the toilet which left me with the blue duck for inside the bowl until I buy some enviro friendly cleaner.

The best tip by far was the drain cleaner. After rinsing the scum buster that had been rotting the pipes for a half hour to find the water still draining like a plugged catheter I turned to the trusty book again. Bit of baking soda (or a lotta bit). Cup vinegar. 15 minutes. Rinse down with boiling water. Repeat as needed.

It could have been the combination of using the caustic method first but that baking soda and vinegar volcano trick did the job and we are enjoying flowing wasted water down our sinks again. By the time I finally have my own place it should be without scary chemicals.

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