Sunday, February 10

An explanation

The last blog involving 'bacon hands' was in reference to my domestic escapades (oxymoron?) this past week. First it was dinner for my family (but mostly for Mark) as a bit of proof that I can cook if I wanted to. By his request it was something my dad makes that I "really need to learn how to make". Chicken wrapped in bacon (see previous post), my dad's mashed potatoes (apparently they really are different than any other mashers) and broccoli. Everything turned out quite well, even if my father was the one who manned the BBQ and the brocco-trees were ready too soon and sat too long in the steam.

The next time it was my choice and it didn't involve any slaughterhouse produce. Just chickpeas, onions and many spices went into the curry. The look wasn't much better than the diarrhea-lentil soup I love from PC but tasted fabulous. Although, other than me, the only ones to even try it were Mark and my dad. My dad chickened out from the bit of cayenne pepper but overall I'm calling it a hit. So cheap, so good and goes well on rice.

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