Thursday, February 28

Is that bob Barker or your grandma?

The idea that the longer a couple is together the more and more they start to look alike kind of causes me to consider botox. I'm not even married so that isn't an insult to anyone I just don't want to look more like a man as I age and I have never supported matching couples' outfits (or watches or seadoos or rifles for that matter) so i won't start supporting matching faces.

Recently I heard a theory (on CBC radio) that couples tend to spend lots of time together (not breaking any ground here) but that they mimic each other's facial expressions (he laughs, she laughs; she cries, he cries) for so long that they develop the same wrinkles and lines. It is a look of shared experience. Ok, I can buy that.

My theory though reflects something we already know: we are egocentric. I will admit it; I think that all asian people look alike. There, I said it. This is only somewhat true but asian people will say the same about white people and black people and we really just seem to see the major differences which skews our view of the little details. This same principle can be applied here: ALL OLD PEOPLE LOOK ALIKE! Again, only partly true, but think about it. If you aren't old then people you tend to see on a daily basis are not old either. They don't tend to have the excessively wrinkly skin, liver spots, hairy ears or, well, you understand. So when we look at an elderly person we see the major differences from our peer reference group and not necessarily the small distinguishing features.

It is a kind of ageism. Plus women tend to keep their hair shorter as they age, that could be a factor. Just like I'm sure asians do with us white folks ("no, it was Dave, the guy with the yellow hair) you need to pick out something distinguishing. Try looking for missing teeth, cataracts, or a walker (this is definitely not fool proof) and you shouldn't be getting your great aunt Trudy mixed up with Elmer in the next bed. What was my point? Oh right. The Price is Right just isn't the same without Bob.

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