Friday, February 15

If it isn't too much trouble

Please scorn MTV.

Some time, quietly and without my permission, MTV became one of our regular channels. This network (although there are close runners up) seem to blatantly show off pretty much everything that is scary, pathetic and disgusting about our society.

I might have decided to actually watch a show because it had the word 'fat' in the title ("return to fat camp") and was a hideous drama between overweight girls to avoid their exercise. People really are just watching it because they are fat.

My favourite quote "I'm wasting my best teen years waiting for him to commit, and it just isn't going to happen". A very flirtatious teen talking about why it was ok to cheat on her boyfriend at camp.

MTV canada is now so generously (definite sarcasm) provided to us for free now due only to the advertisers who will do anything to influence the teen group. One commercial made me particularly angry, although I may be over-reacting. Do not buy neutrogena. The latest ad features the oh-so-clever pitch of making "washing your face fun again". tingly suds, cool, refreshing will be energized. If a company has to talk down that low to you, be that condescending, please, don't buy their product!

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