Wednesday, February 13

Cheating myself

out of the best into the mediocre.

I can go two ways when it comes to patience. One extreme where surprises are given the top priority and my self-control becomes a game of will. Or when knowing that waiting for the end is the better part of the process (the anti-climax of Christmas: it is always better before the gifts are opened). Then to the other extreme of unfettered impatience where I would have had a better outcome had I been more rational. Examples of this are paying close to double for hair streaks once in high school because I decided that day I had to have them and could only find one place with an opening....after school, before a birthday party. So I left with decent streaks and wet hair to only be slightly late to the party. Had i been more patient I would have paid less, thought about what I wanted longer and stayed for the blow-dry.

This is a common theme in the little, and sometimes big, things in my life. A little patience appears that it would go a long way.

Another example: i cried when I failed my G2 test, not because I had failed so much as because I had to wait 10 days more. Cried with the tester in the car. It didn't help.

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