Saturday, March 1

Starting all over again

Yesterday i dropped a ludicrous $304 to apply for university. I don't remember it costing that much the first time 'round...however I didn't pay for it either.

1. Western: Bachelor of Arts: Linguistics
2. McMaster: Humanities: Linguistics/Cognitive Science
3. Queen's: Application for 2nd degree, linguistics minor, advanced standing

I didn't realize that some schools gave the option to apply specifically as someone looking to attain a second degree. Hopefully it means that they will give consideration to courses previously taken.

If i didn't have to think about time and how many more years i would be in school (plus: what the heck will I do with this degree?) I may have applied for Spanish studies with an emphasis in ESL. That is where my passion lies. But then again, there are many routes to working in any field. Another knock to my pride, I may soon be a first year again. As a matter of principle I unchecked the box requesting residence information.

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