Monday, March 31

The Time Traveler's Wife

Widely acclaimed for good reason. This doesn't follow the typical sci-fi genre that most time travel stories automatically write themselves into. Nor is the focus "butterfly effect-esque" but actually deals very little with the possibility and rammifications of altering the past (thankfully, because it has been written, filmed, read and watched before).
The back alludes to the relationship between Henry and Clare that the novel centres on. Clare has known Henry her whole life and has been patiently waiting for him to become the man she first met when they meet for the first time (in Henry's world) when he is 28 and she is 20.
It deals with the question "If you could know, would you want to?". If you knew what would happen in the future and how it would affect the person you love could you hide it from them?

Throughout the novel we are shoved between times and from Clare to Henry and back to Clare so often that I started to forget who was talking and their lives became the same life lived in different orders. It is a beautiful love story and an easy swallow in just a few days.

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