Thursday, April 3

Work or play?

I have started working full-time now.
Meaning no more sleeping until 10am or watching e.r. reruns and reading until 1am.
No more starting my workout by 5 after 4pm (I work until 430 now unless I feel like starting at 8am - I do not)
But yay to bigger cheques and more purpose.

The boss (el jefe) has a plan where each employee has to have three activities or initiatives that they run this year. One for Morale. One for Communication. One for Image. Mine are now in writing.

Image: write an article about the program I am running here for the local newspaper
Morale: a team-building game during one lunch hour in May

And the one that I can't wait for
Communication: Spanish lessons in the weekly meeting (but not until July!). We will work on some basic pronunciation and then everyone will be introduced to 5 Spanish words to practice over Peruvian Muna tea (and possibly some Maracuya-mango jell-o).

Here are the words so far:
-el/la jefe/a (boss, I'm sure he will appreciate this)
-el trabajo (work or job: the words are employment related since I work in an employment office)
-el/la empleado/a (employee)

Those are three and I will carefully choose the last two. I'm thinking one more employment or office work (oficina, computadora, papel, almuerzo [lunch] much to choose from)
And then one that is fun and unrelated (manzana/apple, zanahoria/carrott, perro/dog for that rolling 'rrr') The possibilities are endless (actually limited, to the number of Spanish words I suppose). Suggestions are welcome (in english or Spanish)

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