Monday, April 7

Not to be Left Behind

I too have discovered Flight of the Conchords, [muthah uckers]. It seems that this singing duo has reached its "tipping point" with everyone discovering and subsequently blogging about them. I was initially skeptical but was quickly won over by their clever tunes in various genres. They are from New Zealand (not to be confused with barby-usin', kangaroo-riding Australians) and are navigating in their new home of New York city trying to survive on no gigs for their band not booked by their agent, Murray.

Now that I have established myself as one of the 'in crowd' [good Bernstein Bears book] on to the rest of my glamourous and media-filled life.

8:51 [on my 5-minute-fast clock] wake-up
-eat breakfast, straighten hair
10:35 - arrive at the local science fair just a bit early. Chat up some friends.
11:25 - Present Attilio Berdusco award for Best in Health Sciences with a $75 checque to a deserving project. Pose for pictures.
12:08 - Begin my workout

skip forward one day [because doing homework on the deck and watching FotC doesn't make me seem so glamourous]

930 - wake-up
1025-1:32 - church
1:41 - arrive home. Receive a message and return the call. "They are almost finished, come right now!"
1:48 - pull into YMCA parking lot
2:15 - present Giant Cheque of money raised during the high school free throw competition [sponsored by the YMCA and my affiliated employer) to Easter Seals on two TV cameras and some local newsprint.

Rest of day: homework, hanging with Mark, playing Bohnanza, watching Flight of the Conchords

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