Wednesday, April 23

Committing to Practice

After some initial confusion:
-Dan your new student is here.
-uh, I have Dave at 5pm.
-Are you sure you're with Dan?
-*across the hall my sister's voice teacher pipes in* That has to be his older sister. I knew she was a Vixxen when she walked in.

I'm not sure what makes me such a spot-on representative of my family name but this is not an isolated occurance. He was a bit uninformed but very gracious about the change. A bit overwhelmed I left with 5 or 6 sheets of little songs (oh, like, Jingle Bells) to help me learn to read and play notes and a few chords to work on (D, Em, G, C). He ended saying that he could tell I was musical and could be playing decently in a few months. I'm going to choose to hold onto that hope even if I think it was said more out of encouragement than truth. If how i play drums on ROCK BAND has anything to say about it I am NOT musical.

Home for some dinner, a show and a quick practice (jingle bells, jingle be.....Jingle bells, Jingle bells, jingle al....jingle all....and so on). Then back out the door for sign practice. Luckily the signing class is two hours and slightly more practice intensive (vs. taking everything home to learn by myself). I picked up the alphabet fairly quickly (I missed the first week so was slightly behind the other students) and we moved into basic questions and descriptions. The emphasis on the facial expressions seems to have a mocking sort of tone but it acts as the intonation a prosody in English when we raise our tone at the end of a sentence to ask a question or point out a subject under our breath. There is even a way to write ASL. IX-loc is "indexing-location" ie. the speaker is pointing to the object. Or Run++ this is the equivalent of Running (gerund) but means "repeated" because the sign repeats to create the gerund.

Another great feature: the bluntness.

English: What is your name?
ASL: you name what? With the unacceptable-outside-deaf-culture index finger pointing at the questioned party.

Now to practice guitar 3 (THREE??) times a day as instructed. Who wouldn't be good in a few months after that?


Beth said...

guitar! wowsers, i'm proud of you.

Silas said...

i think you are musical! you may just not have had the chance to let it shine through!

Katie V. said...

Thanks for the encouragement. Don't be too impressed yet, wait at least a week to see if I practice (so far so good).