Monday, April 14

5 Year High school Reunion

This may not be that small of a town but it seems like that the mark of success is getting out. At work I ran into someone I had gone to high school with. I was the plump nerd who was 'totally crushin' on him and he was cute, sweet and dated one of my good friends. Actually maybe he dated two.

I was way too shy to say anything to him until it was too late. Until we were friends and he was securely in a long-term relationship. "I didn't think I would see you still living in this city". I take that as a compliment and quickly explain that I left for school and plan to leave again. Failing to mention, of course, that I actually may be back for good after that. He is fat now. He has so much responsibility. Children; children that depend on him for support. A new baby. There is no satisfaction that his life didn't turn out like we all think it will in high school. Everyone takes a different path, some surprise you. Some disappoint.

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