Wednesday, March 19

Meeting of the UN 12,000 years ago

Sure I would love to be original and have an opinion that differs from the mainstream but, in this case, I have to follow the pack. 10 000 BC: terrible. Since it cost $4 in the theatre last night I couldn't back out of going to the show even if the movie looked that bad. Luckily I claimed the right to mock. Open mocking, loud laughter, even outright imitations in the theatre and not in my inside voice.

The first tribe you meet conveniently speaks English and looks like a group you might see on a Toronto bus. The beginning of a great prophesy brings another tribe on horses to capture most of the Agal (the first tribe) as slaves. This evil tribe happens to look very middle Eastern (and ugly, bad guys have to be ugly). The group of four (from the same lineage) that sets off to save the day has a white man, a Pakistani, one guy that looks Natice and a Black kid.

For some reason the other tribes are allowed to be of one race (many Black African tribes and a few that look like Indian Eunuchs). The horsed-men were collecting labourers to build their pyramids (this whole movie is an anachronism). Just don't bother.

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Silas said...

thanks to your review, i decided against seeing this movie with France. we saw Dr. Seuss instead, which was a great movie!