Wednesday, March 5

Juno Should have Won

The evening wasn't totally bust and my feelings of regret are minimal but I cannot recommend "No Country for Old Men" to anyone. When a movie seems to no point and lots of killing I tend to pass on it. It is actually one of the first movies in a long time that disturbed my sleep (I kept seeing the guy with the bad hair coming at me with his high pressure device). But if anyone 'got' the movie then I would appreciate an explanation.

A good movie though, a good movie is Benny and Joon. Wholesome, sweet, clean; a perfect early 90s, Johnny Depp romantic comedy. The characters are unique and quirky with adorable Aidan Quinn playing the older brother taking care of his schizophrenic (maybe manic depressive?) sister. Depp plays the random who moves in a changes the routine. This would be a good one to watch along with "What's Eating Gilbert Grape?".

Today I spent an hour or so at the local college for their Diversity Day. While many of the booths were for non-ethnic groups (pride, womYn, hearing society, etc.) there were some surprises. I ran into a group of Spanish speaking students from Ecuador and Mexico (there were also Korean, Ukranian and French students all taking Enlish at an adult learning centre). They even provided a good explanation for choosing such a frozen wasteland that is the Soo: they are forced to speak English since no community really exists from their homeland. So I guess there are a few advantages to being culturally homogenous (although not for me). Hopefully I get to hang out with my new Mexican and Ecuadorian acquaintances.


Beth said...

i (heart) benny & joon. love, love, love johnny depp in that one. and aidan quinn.

Katie V. said...

i almost forgot to post about loving Benny & Joon for the first time but then I read your post about Legend of the Falls and you mentioned aidan quinn. I never would have recognized the name otherwise. what else is he in?

Beth said...

according to imdb, there's a random assortment of things that i don't know, some appearances on law & order... but he's so sweet and nice. he should be in more.

also, thanks for being a faithful blog readers :D

Beth said...

that should be a faithful blog reader. singular.