Tuesday, March 25

Champagne Birthday (minus the champagne)

March 23rd ='d my 23rd birthday. This is officially my 24th year and I keep worrying that this will finally be the year when I do silly things and people no longer say "you're so young!".

Thursday - Monday: Essex, near Windsor Ontario
Met the WHOLE family of the boyfriend. The wii bowling broke the ice. Along with a rousing game of scattegories and a home-made chocolate raspberry cheesecake to celebrate. This was the first time in a long time I haven't celebrated my birthday in Guelph surrounded by my housemates and bestest friends and being crazy. This was a more mature birthday but good nonetheless. I definitely felt cared for and enough the centre of attention to satiate me for a while.

A successful bout of PMS without losing my crap as well so props to me. A certain someone typically gets the brunt of my erratic emotions and easily irritated character during that time. Funny how I never really thought I PMS'd until I was dating someone.


Silas said...

happy birthday! hope even though it was different from all the pizazz of the super birthday it still was nice

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