Sunday, March 2

I though I was a master at awkward

over some greasy Chinese food in the mall food court after church today:

acquaintance (actually a really nice guy), let's call him Jim

Jim: So, how long have you [and Mark] been dating?

Us: almost 9 months

Jim: So, why aren't you getting married? (uttered with almost complete seriousness)

Us: uh....

Jim: Mark, what do you do?

Mark: I'm a librarian.

Jim: really? Cool. How much do you make?

Mark: uh, well I get by well....*jim keeps staring*....uh, you really want to know?

Jim: yeah *looks expectantly*

--a little later--

Jim: So, Mark, you're what...23? 24?

Mark; I'm 28

Jim: nice, good job man! *high five/hand shake*. And, Katie, you're 27 then?

--we also had a really good convo about his upcoming missions trip and a bit about Peru since he is interested in going. But really? I'm the one in my late 20s? I thought I had a few years before I had to start spending hundreds of dollars on wrinkles creams.


Silas said...

was this acquaintance chinese? perhaps the only chinese in the soo, but i can't see anyone else being as blunt as the chinese are.

Katie V. said...

haha, no actually he wasn't. He was white. And I'm proud to say that the soo is becoming more culturally diverse...I bet there are 100 chinese people now!

Beth said...

ha ha. this was great. guessing age is always dangerous - just today someone canvassing my neighbourhood asked if my mom or dad were home...