Tuesday, December 25

Spoiled like my parents missed me while i was away

My inner child must still get giddy at the thought of Christmas surprises waiting in the morning (I was the only member of the family who didn't know exactly what they were getting since I insist on surprises) because it kept me up all night. The excited shaking doesn't happen any longer and I don't even consciously dwell on the next day but somehow I was still lying awake at almost 6am. Meaning my family has set a new personal record for present opening time: 9:52 am. start time.

The previous record being before 8am.

Waiting under the tree were a shiny new pair of snowshoes to continue my search for a winter passtime with exercise involved. Another sport that will soon bend to my will is skating. Three times so far since I have returned and I have steadily not sucked quite at much. I'm even warming to the girly skates, even if they may be put down by everyone else. The nice tails on the blades keep me from falling backwards, they are nice and tight (not too wide like boy skates) and even the pickies have their merits. Here's to me sticking with it.

The first thing we did this morning after opening and eating was watch HAIRSPRAY. As a celebration and a Merry Christmas I give you this link for your very own Christopher Walken treat.

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