Monday, September 26


The car has a name:  Otto!  I hope I don't have to spell out why this name works so well - not to mention that it is a quirky old man-ish name and my car is kind of like a hipster.  So thank you for the suggestions - as JSLPA and SARS were the people who submitted responses right on the blog they will both get a postcard (if you send me your addresses).  Others gave me suggestions in other formats and I can't remember who chose the winning name so tough titty (said the kitty).

Otto took me comfortably to Edmonton and back this weekend and did so on a half tank of gas.  Half of a small tank I am hoping.  A quarter tank got me around 175km.  Good, no?  Well, I'm going to assume so except I don't actually know how large the tank is yet.

The weekend itself was lovely - Edmonton is a surprisingly beautiful city with so much green space.  The H-Burts cooked up a fabulous turkey dins and I stuffed myself then drove home.  First expedition just Otto and me - CHECK!


Beth said...

I VOTED ON THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!! and I voted for Otto.

(whine complete)

P-Rick said...

Easy way to measure fuel economy: reset the trip odometer to 0 right when you gas up to a full tank. Next time you fill up, note the trip odometer reading and the number of litres you put in. Divide the odometer reading by 100, then divide the number of litres by that, and you get litres per 100 km, a standard measure of fuel economy. Then get obsessive and do it every time you gas up. And start hypermiling (look it up).

Anonymous said...

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