Friday, September 16

The Big Reveal

Thanks for holding your breath, internets.  With the-most-expensive-thing-I-have-ever-owned sitting just outside my new place I can safely blog about it.  Should I just tell you what it is?  Want to see it?




THE MAZDA 3!!!!!!!!

Me with the stunt double

Oh look, no one else can take it cuz it be MINE!

Right before our first alone time.

Thanks, Ross!

159 956km left on the warranty
Definitely no red herrings thrown in there.  By the time I got to Red Deer I had a pretty good idea that I would be driving away in a Mazda.  It was a matter of testing out the hatchback v. the sedan.  The Matrix remained a close contender but, ultimately, Mazda was willing to offer me 0% financing and that's smart.  Plus the car is uber cute.  The downside:  it be grey.  My heart was set on the pretty blue-jay colour but I landed my second choice.  The problem is that they are still selling their 2011s (ie the 2012s have yet to come out) so there is limited selection at dealerships.  Plus it is the base model while I wanted the middle of the road model.  Again, limited supply.  But we worked together and added in the features I wanted (mainly cruise control and steering wheel volume control).  Ross threw in some all weather mats, a tank of gas, free first oil change, etc.  Let's be honest - someone else may have gotten a better deal but I think I did pretty well for my first car, not being a natural born bargainer.  That thing is warrantied up the wazoo because I know that I know nothing about cars and if anything ever went wrong I would definitely be the one being interviewed on the local TV news after falling victim to a mechanic that was charging 3x the price and using parts salvaged from the impound lot.

You may have noticed the outfit change between photos.  That is no camera trick, the first photos were taken the day that I signed ALL the papers and the last few were taken today when I picked up the car to take it home.  That actually isn't even my car in the first one but it was exactly the same so let's just pretend.  My mommy got me a lovely, brand new GPS to go with it since I have yet to really drive around this city.  Plus I will throw in a little brag:  I am the SOLE OWNER of aforementioned car*.  Even though I am totally broke I guess having had a well managed credit card for the last 8 years plus some earning potential was enough to seal the deal.  No need to co-sign.  Boo-Yah!

*It's a boy!  Now he needs a name.  Suggestions?  If someone suggests a name that I end up using I'll send you a POSTCARD.  From RED DEER!  Now THAT is a prize.  Or I'll just pick a winner (ie my fave suggestion) even if I go with something else haha.


Jslpa! said...

Call me crazy but he looks like a Mortimer to me...Morty for shorty.

A close second is the word from the "word verification" thingy that makes sure I'm human: Supendie!

Sarah P. said...

Congrats on the car, he's a beaut!

I feel that he probably has some sass, and if he could speak he would talk to you with a spanish accent, so I feel an appropriate name would be Maximo, Carlos, or Enrique.

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