Tuesday, September 13

Moving Fast but Not Fast Enough

Alberta is freakin' cold right now.  I nearly died of shivering at 9am this morning AT THE BEGINNING OF THE SUMMER.  Red Deer, we aren't off to a good start.  It is definitely a big change from downtown to Toronto meaning that the entire city seems to be a giant suburb.  Although comparable in size to the city where my parents live and where I went to high school it just recently popped up out of the prairies.  Apparently doing things new means making them box-shaped.  King Kong could have a good time playing legos in (with?) this town.  Most of what I have seen so far lacks character but I'll try to keep an open mind.  The river is lovely - point: Red Deer.

We rolled into Alberta last night around 5pm and criss-crossed the city looking at 5 different potential places to live.  I wanted to move as quickly as possible but things are not exactly following MY timeline.  I'm waiting to hear from my #1 place (it wins in all categories except for price [a bit more pricey each month] and neighbourhood [nice but near an industrial area]).  So we're sitting twiddling our thumbs until this evening when we hear because I can't do much else around here without an official address like change my license, get insurance, buy my car, sign my work papers....and...so..............on.

The second choice room is in a house, a really nice neighbourhood, a little closer to work, really cute place, I get the place to myself at least 50% of the time BUT I would have to live with two dudes I won't meet until next week (they work up north in Fort McMurray) and I would have to take the small room until November.  The more I think about it this almost becomes my first pick because of the neighbourhood and distance to work....is that weird that I am willing to live with strangers?  I guess I have done it before.

As for all-the-people-on-the-edge-of-your-computer-chairs waiting patiently to find out which car I would choose - wait no longer.  Ok, keep waiting, I have anxiety issues with saying things before they are official so wait until tomorrow and I'll let you know what I buy.  But it is hanging out in the sold lot waiting for me to give it a good home but first I need to find that home.  I even got it a present today:  a swanky new GPS.  Best. Investment. Ever.

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