Saturday, September 10

Happy Birthday, Mom!

And for your big day you get to drive across the country to bring your daughter three provinces away.  Today was day one of three of "the big move".  The major excitement is, of course, collecting states and provinces.  Today I added Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Tomorrow we might *fingers crossed* add Manitoba and definitely some Saskatchewan action.  It is an extra 50 minutes to drive up to Manitoba instead of continuing to go the American way but then I may NEVER go to Manitoba.  Boy, my parents love me.

My dad, who somehow decided to drive almost the entire 12 hours today himself, even humoured my weird need to really experience Wisconsin in order to check it off my list.  I was determined not to leave the state without some curdled milk product but, even with our keen eyes, we found ourselves staring down a "15 miles to Duluth [Minnesota]" without any hint of cheese.  Until, low and behold, Beth's Cheese Shop to the rescue.  My dad had to do some evasive driving maneuvers but I got my wish.

With garlic & dill cheese curds we were free to pass into the next state.  Our first big travel night is being spent in Crookston, Minnesota - home of the Ox Cart and (maybe?) Paul Bunyan.  This is what memories are made of:

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