Saturday, October 8

Red Deer Update #2

Three weeks of work down and things are starting to come together.  My very first paycheque arrived magically in my bank account yesterday.  With this money came another momentous occasion:  my very first OSAP loan payment!  Any money I put on my loan until March of 2012 comes right off the ol'principle.  BAZINGA!  This has definitely been an adventure in adulthood (is that an oxymoron?).  Today I finally located a place to cater to all of my hormone-free, free range, local, carnivorous needs at the Big Bend adorable-little-shop-inside-a-box-store.  They carry locally produced organic milk for my cereal pleasure aussi.  Actually, even if I don't stick 100% to the organic thing I'm hitched to the organic milk train even though organic milk tastes *funny*.  It is still a bit of a shock to my taste buds every morning but I persist.  Of course, I haven't even tried non-organic Alberta milk so perhaps conservative cows just make weird-tasting milk and the organicness isn't even a factor.  A mystery I have yet to solve.

Organic, local milk:  check
Hormone-free, local, free range dead animal muscle tissue for consumption: check
Homemade hummus in a variety of interesting flavours:  check check!  A local dude makes "Humble Hummus" and my lunches now centre around his chickpea mush concoctions.

Even though Alberta is growing on me (I've signed up for a gym, curling starts on Tuesday, work is still enjoyable) I am looking forward to my trip back east (ok, back "central") from Nov 8-12th.  The flight has been book and money is being saved for a trip to Anthropologie.  


Anonymous said...

You know, if you go to anthropologie in Alberta, you don't have to pay Ontario sales tax. Just in case you still think you need to visit the ON anthros ;)

Anonymous said...

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