Sunday, October 23

Alberta Adventure: Drumheller Edition

From the town of Red Deer one can drive to Drumheller (read:  dinosaur capital of Canada) in 1.5 hours.  Since moving here I have wanted to check this place out and today my roommate and I took the drive.  The town is obviously proud of their cretaceous heritage and one cannot go 100 metres without yet ANOTHER statue of a dinosaur.  Although, the triceratops is sadly under-represented.  Today was a big day as I stood beneath the WORLD'S LARGEST T-REX STATUE.  Jealous?  I left a car in there for scale.  That t-rex would eat the ones in Jurassic Park as a snack.
The town is also home to the Royal Tyrrell Museum - a pretty swanky joint with all kinds of dinosaur fossils and exhibits including a wicked look at what snorkeling could have been a billion years ago.  Let me tell you - a little freaky.

The other thing that Drum is most famoso for is the BADLANDS.  Sounds like a place where bandits hang out to rob unsuspecting tourists.  In fact, it would be the perfect place to do this if this weren't Canada and a giant tourist circuit.  It is quite beautiful and one of the big sources of fossils.

And the tall rocks with caps on are called Hoo Doos.  Pronounced exactly like it is spelled.  Can you get over those blue skies?  The colours of the prairies, especially as the sun sets, still blow me away too.


Beth said...

Someday I'd like to see the Hoo Doos.

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