Wednesday, March 30

Dear Anthony Bourdain

Dear Mr. Bourdain,

I've recently begun watching your show and I'm hooked.  I have travel fever (and, unfortunately, no amount of cowbell will cure it) but, alas, I am finishing my second straight year of my masters program and getting on the subway to go to a new neighbourhood is an accomplishment these days.  My certification exam to become an speech-language pathologist is just three weeks away so I keep my lecture notes open on one side of the screen and your show on the other.  As part of the SLP program we complete internships and my next (and FINAL!) internship will be in Kenya this summer.  Hoping to get an idea of the food there I looked for an episode on Kenya but could fine none.  So I have decided:  you should join me and Hi-C (everyone gets a nickname on here, her parents weren't Minute Maid enthusiasts)!  We're young, we're fun, we'll be in Nairobi, Mombasa and Mbita.
A bit of a catch:  your show is called "No Reservations" but I definitely have some.  All the more reason for you to join us, really.  I love to travel but my difficulty with new food-ventures or food-speriences holds me back.  That live wriggling octopus on your Korea episode?  Queasy.  That jelli-fied lamb on the Saudi Arabian episode?  Squirm.  There is hope for me though:  I've eaten guinea pig in Peru.  I even tried ceviche.  Perhaps I'm biting off more than I can chew (har har) by asking you to visit and challenge me but you only live once and I'm tired of pretending to be a vegetarian when I travel.  I'll bring the immodium and peptobismal.

Think about it,


PS.  I think you would out drink us as well but we would be willing to try.

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Heather E. said...

1. I also love No Reservations
2. That Saudi Arabia episode was rough
3. I love that you pretend to be a vegetarian while you travel. I'm starting to consider telling people I'm allergic to shell fish so I don't have to explain that I don't like shrimp.
4. I hope that you can have a Kenyan episode of No Reservations
5. Congrats on your placement location (I meant to say this oh, about five million weeks ago)