Tuesday, March 22

Lumbar Support is Key

Hi-C and I took a trip downtown to pick up some Kenya supplies.  She has done the backpacking thing before while I've always lived comfortably out of a home base with a suitcase so she already had many of the major pieces of equipment; I, however, required a backpack*.

First stop:  the Crocs store.  There was a sentence I never thought I would say.  But they have changed, my friends!  Changed!  No photo but they are adorable black flats but made of that handy Croc material that will get dirty and wash easily, get wet and dry easily. 

Second Stop:  MEC!!!!  Glorious MEC.  Bug spray.  I sucked it up and got the deet-ful kind.  So did Hi-C after a riveting 10 minute convo about the malaria-prevention properties of non-deet-ful sprays (none).  What else...eco-friendly soap, one of those quick-dry towels and a day pack.

Oh, and, of course, the piece de resistance (imagine I included the proper accents)

Impressive, no?  It is so comfortable.  I will have to fit my entire life in there for three months.  And a side note:  how do you feel about my outfit?  I, personally, loved the leg warmers all pulled up high.  I took off the offensive socks and paired it with my new black flats.  Perhaps un petit weird but I loved it.  You know those outfits that you realize probably wouldn't gain popular approval but you just love? No? Oh, it's just me.

*This is not me conceding on my regionalism.  It is still a "packsack" when it is small and carrying my books to school.  It can be referred to backpack when it is a massive 70L trekking pack.  It works as a differentiator.


Beth said...

i would like to hear how the quick-dry towel goes.

i am SO EXCITED for your adventure. and i completely understand the beloved-but-bizarre outfits. you should see the comfy things i get into when i get home from work!!

Anonymous said...

Well Katie I am supper excited for you! The outfit is definitely you and it may run in the family! Love ya Dez

Anonymous said...

Love the back pack and the leg warmers too. Glad you found something to pack your life into for the next 3 months. Did you get me one too. Mom

Anne said...

So glad to see that you got your backpack...it's perfect! It's a great look with the leg warmers :)