Friday, March 11

Just to Prove I'm Still Around

I thought about titling this as a running update but, well, I haven't been doing much of that.  I took a few more days off after my butt x-ray and sat around on the roomie's hot water bottle.  I was going to break out of the running funk on Wednesday when the sky cracked and hasn't stopped leaking since then.  Yes, I realize that it is possible to run in the rain.  I even do it sometimes.  But it is really cold and it created a slick icy cover over many of the sidewalks and....I'm lazy.  The worst part is:  I have a 5km race on Sunday.  I swear, if I can't finish 5km anymore I will cry.  My goal was 29:00 but I'm running with a friend and her goal is 28:30 so why don't I just make that my goal.  The reward is chili and live music so hopefully that acts as sufficient motivation.

I have been working on/avoiding a post about health care and ethics.  Partly because I am out of that realm now so it isn't all up in my face every day. The other reason is that I like to explore the issues but I think most people would find what I say fairly offensive.  Heads up:  me exploring an issue doesn't mean I have decided that is what I think about it.  Actually, it is often me just noticing a few inconsistencies and drawing them out to the most extreme conclusions and wanting someone to counter with a point I hadn't thought of.  In fact, I was talking through some of my points a few weeks ago with JHarv and she brought something up that I hadn't considered which may have changed the course of my post somewhat. 

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