Wednesday, March 23

What an Adult Way to Spend my Birthday

You know you're getting old when the excitement on your birthday is filing a police report for credit card fraud.  At least that is what I will be doing tomorrow.  All thanks to the completely inept CanadaPost for the almost $1000 in charges on my account.
Backstory:  my mail goes to my parent's house since I still move around so much.  Every few months she sends it to me wherever I happen to be.  This time she sent it with my birthday present which, according to the tracking number she sent me, arrived two Fridays ago.  So it arrived but I never saw it.  I called them and they offered to open up an investigation.  No word for almost a week so I called back.  They gave me the run around, my mom had to call and eventually they fessed up:  since it didn't fit in my mailbox they must have left it at my door.  WHAT???  At my door?  Aren't they supposed to bring it to a post office to keep it safe?  Completely incompetent.  So someone stole my mail along with my birthday present.  That person happened to be a fraudster.  That person likely lives in my building.  Awesome.  Happy 26th to me.

Is it sad that the upside I find in this is that I haven't ever filed a police report so at least I get to do something new? 

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