Friday, March 4

Running Update #55: To Rest or not to Rest

The fall on the Rideau on Feb 21 is still haunting me.  I took a week and a half off running, partially intentional and partially me forgetting to bring running shoes to Montreal.  But things aren't getting better and laundry has been the most painful chore, having to bend over to pick up the basket. 

When I finally got back to running this week I did a 5k and a 7k the next day.  They were fairly quick and felt good but by the end of the 7k it was painful (yes, I'm talking about my ass) to increase my speed.  Now walking is a little uncomfortable.  I finally gave in and went to the walk-in today and she sent me for x-rays.  My poor ovaries.  But now there are pictures of my sacrum and coccyx and hopefully I'll get the all clear.  If it is just a strain then I'll keep my runs short and treat it with a heat pack.  I really can't take more time off running because my body will forget how to do it....and I have a 5k race next weekend. 

The x-ray tech was very helpful and let me see the x-ray images.  I'm no radiologist but nothing looked immediately off.  Apparently I have a sacrum/coccyx that is almost horizontal.  This came as a surprise to me since I have no ass at all.  Goes to show the two aren't related.

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