Tuesday, March 29

So Pretty

I love flipping through my passport and appreciating the exotic stamps. 

The blue-fading-to-pink of the Chilean stamp.  The boring, grey Peruvian stamp with a 60 written on it and a 90 written over it.  The extra 30 days I begged for at the border and received in paper but not in the computer system.  This would later get me in trouble at the Bolivian border and my 35 sol "special" stamp saying that I overstayed my welcome in Peru.  They eventually let me out of the country and (whew) let me back in to get all my stuff before coming back to Canada!

Remember this awesomeness???
The blue-fading-to-green Bolivian entry and exit stamps that span just 3 days in November 2007 but remind me of the most incredible place I have ever visited:  The salt flats of Uyuni. 

The big red Bermudian stamp representing the very first time I saw the ocean (and fell in love with it).  A whole week of sharing sun and beach and wedding celebration with good friends.

Oh, and what is this?!?  A visa?  My very first visa.  A lovely sticker from the Kenyan government granting me access to their country.  A multiple entry visa just in case I feel like taking a jaunt into a neighbouring country.  Perhaps I'll see some of the animals that have been poorly photoshopped onto the visa:  a cheetah, water buffalo, rhino, lion and elephant.  Thanks Kenya High Commission!

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Jesskah said...

man...you've been places.