Sunday, April 3

Life Badges

A few of us were reminiscing about our time in Brownies* and how the badges appealed to our personalities.  We like having concrete, displayable proof of achievement.  I especially liked the badges because it laid each achievement out in identifiable steps that could be checked off.  I had the gardening badge, the fishing badge, and even a computers badge that was so new they took a blank badge and drew a boxy computer with yellow paint, just to name a few.  Honestly, the badge system is still something that appeals to me.  When people sarcastically ask "what do you want? A medal?" my answer would be yes.  Or at least an adorable badge.  I think I'll start giving myself digital badges.

Those badges are just a small sample of that I would make myself (might make myself). 

Does this system appeal to anyone else?  What badge(s) would you want to have?

*I completed up to the third year of Brownies.  I won't say who *cough*Hi-C*cough* completed Pathfinders and was given a special rope for her trouble.


Anonymous said...

Ooh! I like the 'no tears at placement' one :) I think I'd give myself ones for 'has learned to dress like an adult' and 'eats and enjoys spinach salads'... more to come as I think of them :p

Jacquie said...

I would make myself, "BadAss Motorcycle Chick" one and "Confidence to Cook Anything From Scratch barely using a Recipe (whether or not it turns out right)" badge.

Katie V. said...

Maia: Adding new healthy foods to one's repertoire is definitely badgeworthy :)
Jacquie: Hi! I miss you! Ok, now that the cheese is out of the way, you've definitely earned those ones. Have you been out riding yet this year?