Wednesday, April 20

Tools of the Trade

My to-do list keeps growing.  A significant portion of the list is acquiring supplies for Kenya:  dry shampoo for those days I don't feel like having a cold bucket shower; cheap flip flops to avoid parasites and fungi on my precious feeties; a subscription for clean blood (just in case).  This week I was able to check off some major purchases for things I will actually need to do my "job"* while there. 

Naming Contest:  not as exciting as a puppy but my lovely new netbook needs a name.  I'm not sure of it's gender, perhaps something androgynous?  I was thinking Temperence (which doesn't fit my one criterion...I know).  Suggestions?  Here is some inspiration:

Perfect for streaming high-quality video.

A gorgeous/handsome pale blue shell.

Sooooo teeny tiny. 
A big shout out to my mom (Mrs. V!) for the awesome-tastic gift.  The webcam will be perfect for skype.  So skype me people!  Keep in mind the 7 hour time difference (I'll be 7 hours earlier than most of you - 5.5 hours newfie time).  With 250GB I can bring all my episodes of No Reservations for in-flight viewage and the hundreds of lecture notes from all of my classes.  And some music just to be sane. 

The other piece of equipment I acquired was slightly less extravagant at $15.  A handy-dandy clicker-thing.  Apparently the proper term is "handheld tally counter".  It took us forever to find them!  We were about to start emailing night clubs to ask where they get theirs.  Turns out that office supply stores carry them - no one uses to them to count laps in track anymore. 

Count down to take-off.  This may actually be one day inaccurate.  So if you read this on Thursday, we're good.
Stumped as to what we might need these for????  Stuttering therapy.  It will be used to count dysfluencies.  Hi-C and I are going to while away the time in the airport watching videos of people stuttering on youtube and count the dysfluencies and then compare them to check our interrater reliability.  We're party ANIMALS!

The other placement-related paraphernalia in my bag is a pen light courtesy of my last clinical educator (thanks!).  Used for checking inside mouths. 

CINNAPULLABUN UPDATE:  Awesome.  Soft.  Sweet.  They didn't even need icing.  The one thing I would do differently next time is not try to cram all of them into one pan.  The ones in the middle didn't rise enough and they were all stuck together.  So more space between them when baking but otherwise: perfection!

*unpaid internship position


Vanessa said...

I vote Pepe Le Pew. I'm not sure why, but you could call it/him Pepe for short. It's cute.
Just like your little laptop. :)

I'm curious about this subscription for clean blood. Is this necessary? Who recommended this? Where do you get it from?

Katie V. said...

Cute name, I do like the idea of Pepe. As for the blood, I'll look into it and get back to you. I can't seem to remember right now. I believe the premise of the service is that if you are in some sort of trouble where you need a blood transfusion while in a country that may not screen its blood as well, they will ship you blood from the UK (I think) within 24hours.

Sarah P. said...

Katie V! This is the first time I have ever commented on a blog...ever! This post intrigued me for 2 reasons. One, you're watching homestar runner!! I didn't know anybody watched that good! And secondly, your hair is so long!

I look forward to keeping up on the blog of African Adventures!

Katie V. said...

Sarah P! I must admit to being a poser...i just pulled up the homestarrunner page for the photo shoot. But it worked! It got your attention. And, tis true, my hair is quite long. I was gonna cut it pre-trip but I think it will be handy to just keep pulled back. Maybe you should come to Kenya for a visit....