Sunday, April 17

Blog Update

It has only been about 3 years since this blog got an overhaul and it was about time.  Everything I have changed so far is courtesy of blogger templates so *fingers crossed* this isn't the final product but something acceptable along the way.  If I can figure out which images to use and maybe design a header of my own I'll personalize it a bit more, so bear with me. 

There has been a lack of posting lately which either means I'm working through some head stuff or my life is boring (or both...the two are not mutually exclusive).  Right now it is sadly the latter.  All of last week I donned tapered sweats and hung out on the futon with two years worth of knowledge just praying to pass the CASLPA exam.  To those who don't live and breathe speech-language pathology it is a certification exam of sorts that will set you back $450 (if you only write it once) and feels the need to rehash the minute details of the last two years of education in subjects as diverse as language development to aphasia to stuttering to anything else we may have studied (and, apparently, run on sentences).  I'll see the results in 6-8 weeks but I feel decent about the four hour exam.  Correction:  it felt like bad news bears but I was informed that everyone last year felt the exact same way and passed the test so I'm hoping it is the magic feeling.

In order to graduate I now must:
-create a portfolio proving my completion of 8 crazy objectives (Adam Sandler, i'll sell you the rights).  How does one prove one is ethical?  Really.  HOW???
-a few group projects (or just one left???)
-a few take home assignments
-complete one placement plus ensuing paperwork
-and...that's it.  Wow.  Exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

I still don't have someone to take my apartment and I leave in two weeks.  A bigger question is where I will be living come august.  Live is a roller coaster right now.  I'm going to try to enjoy it.

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hilarykaine said...

At least this placement has MUCH LESS ensuing paperwork than all previous ones, thanks to the fact that the death that is portfolio will be DONE!!!