Tuesday, April 19

Baking Mix Up

Apparently I'm going to be a great homemaker some day.  Since I don't have a garden right now and I've been lazy with my crocheting, my hobby as of late has been baking (which doesn't go well with my recent running hiatus).  Pulla (Finnish coffee bread) has been the target of my obsession.  My goal is to have a recipe that I know well, that I can whip up by only glancing at the instructions, a recipe that the texture is second nature.  A foodie friend, whom I have been sharing the bread with sporadically, made the genius (I hope) suggestion to use the sweet pulla dough as the base for cinnamon buns.  WIN!

We had the morning off due to passover (thank you my Jewish friends!) so I decided to start the baking process bright and early.  Knowing I needed groceries I set out to complete the dough so it could rise while I ran to the store for icing ingredients.  Woops.  The yeast was perfectly bubbly when I remembered I was sans milk.  So, the bread needed a take two after I picked up some foodstuffs but it was worth it. 

Look at this beauty:

All rolled up (butter, cinnamon and brown sugar all up in there)

Ready to rise before bakin'.

Fresh from the oven!
AND, these are for sale (plus icing) at school tomorrow.  You know you want one.  Money goes to supplies for the hospital in Kenya. 

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