Tuesday, April 26

Another Goodbye (This time with cupcakes!)

For a good portion of the time that I have been in this program I have been meeting with someone on a semi-regular basis.  We talk about feelings.  And strategies.  And life.  He gets paid to be my friend.  Oh, and he is my therapist*.  Although I can be a major pain in his rear end ("Ugh, are you going to ask me about how I feel about that?" - "Could you give me something a little concrete: what do I DO about it?") and I get frustrated with the constant hippie-dippy feelings and meditation talk I think I'm gonna miss him. 

In order to commemorate our last appointment tomorrow I whipped up a batch of cupcakes as promised.  Initially my big plan was to make cupcakes from scratch with marshmallow fondant and use an edible marker to decorate them.  FAIL.  The cupcakes are actually homemade (no box!) and so is the icing but marshmallow fondant is a lot of work and I couldn't find an edible marker - I swear they exist - so I settled for icing and a squeeze bag (thanks, ShanWow!).  

Wanna see the cuppy cakes?

I won't tell you which emotion each represents but you can look here and try to guess.  This was quite the challenge!

*Or is it counselor?  Which one sounds less crazy?

PS.  Shout out to the Class Baketress.  She has mad skills and supplied me with the fabulous recipe for the cakes.


Suzanne said...

Love the new header and those cupcakes... so cute!

Katie V. said...

Double thanks Suz! I had fun designing it, perhaps it will get updated every month....or few months after I get back.