Saturday, April 9

Oh, preparations

I decided to buy a netbook to take to Kenya with me since the computer I have is a beast to carry if we end up traveling around.  Plus, it would be major bad news bears if the samsung were stolen or damaged because it basically contains my entire degree on it.  The computer will be useful in Kenya (except in Mbita where we will have no electricity) for skyping and blogging and referring to all those wonderful electronic resources.

So I went to craigslist but was stood up when I went to meet a dude to buy his computer.  Disillusioned, I turned to ebay and found a cute little Disney-themed lappy for a little cheaper than non-childish ones.  Hi-C had ordered hers from the same dealer and all was well so I felt good about it.  That was until it arrived and HALF OF THE KEYS DIDN'T WORK!  I couldn't type my own name because the 'i' didn't work.  Did I want to type the word 'you'?  I had a short cut because if I hit the 'u' key I got 'ou'; a package deal.  Gr.

When I contacted the seller he was kind enough to offer a refund, however, I'm still out the cost of the post to send the defective piece of crap back to the seller to receive said refund.  He said it is ebay policy that the buyer pays the shipping back.  Fine, I get that there is a cost if I suddenly decide I don't like it or I dont' want it but I should pay absolutely nothing if they send me something defective.

He tried to blame it on the shipping.  I should not have to pay anything when they should have turned the computer on before sending it to me and realized that one couldn't even type anything coherent.  I'm paying for his* stupidity and/or laziness. 

On top of that, I'm reluctant to turn to ebay again and I don't really have the patience for craigslist.  Does anyone have a teeny little used netbook in decent shape (with a webcam and an SD card reader) that you want to sell to me?  Eh?  Sure you do. 

*I'm debating whether to post his ebay username on here.  I'll wait until I get my refund....


Anonymous said...

Aw :(
Time to get an LJ and expose the bastard here:

Silas said...

i may have one for you. i'll let you know if we are selling one!