Tuesday, November 9

No Backing Out!

A few posts back I dared to bring up the idea of a Half Marathon (yes, it deserves respect as a proper noun). Then I chuckled to myself a little because, well, winter is coming, people! But I mentioned the idea to Hi-C and she started researching Halfs (yes, not Halves, like the Maple Leafs) - researching during class of course. Our biggest obstacle were the criteria for both of us: 1) that it take place before May since we'll be headed abroad; 2) that we can afford to get there (ie. bus accessible).

That left us with (drum roll) - the Winterman*! (eye roll please). Check that bad boy OUT! Ottawa, Feb 20th. THAT is hardcore. I sure hope we aren't all talk because I forked over $50 for it. Correct, dear reader(s), we have registered.

Quote "Katie ----- is Registered for
Somersault Winterman Half Marathon"

I wanted a screenshot for drama but there was too much personal info on it and I was too lazy to haze it all out. But basically, Hi-C and I are clearly insane. I'm not sure if $50 will be enough to get make me run hills in -25 degree weather.

*Apparently they let women run it, too.

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cgarden said...

YESSSSSSSS! I'm so glad you took the jump!