Sunday, November 28

Running Update #45 (and wishlist)

One of the reasons I started running was because I'm lazy.  I realize that running isn't a 'lazy' sport but, at the time, it meant that I could get ready in 10 minutes (more sleep!), walk out the door and start my workout right away and end up back at my door to jump in the shower and get ready for school.  No need to pack all my gym stuff or actually get to the gym.  The other reason was that I'm cheap.  Running is a pretty cheap sport, that is, until the winter comes.  Suddenly the need to stay outside instead of run the hamster wheel at the gym is costing me big bucks (and I am totally justifying it all). 

In the last few days I'm come closer to a decision on winter footwear.  Here are my top options:

1. Evo II by Terra Plana.
These are minimalist shoes have been getting great reviews for winter running.  They are my number one first choice (other than moving to California).  The company also claims that its shoes are ethically made and many are vegan.  What is keeping these glorious shoes from my feet?  They are fairly pricey* but also the fact that the closest retailer of said shoes is New Yawk Citeh meaning I would have to order them from the internet without having tried them on. Stress!

2.  Fivefinger Flows by Vibram. 
Made by the same company as my current beloved foot coverings they are basically the same thing with neoprene up to the ankle to keep you warm.  Paired with some toe sport socks they just might get me through the winter.  Issues:  the glove/mitten heat paradox; Toronto slush; the traction.  First, the heat issue is a concern for the same reason I buy mittens for the winter:  because when fingers/toes are housed together they share the warmth.  I'm worried that, all alone, my toes will freeze.  The reports online also state that this version, while warmer, is no more water-resistant than my current model which is to say not water resistant at all.  This could be a major problem in a winter city known for its slush.  And the traction, word on the street is that they have none and I'm afraid of breaking my tailbone and being unable to complete the winterman.

3.  The Liberties by giant corporation.  They are easy to access, feel pretty darn good on my feet and cheaper than the Evo IIs.  I'll cave if the first two options don't work out.  They also have minimal traction but hopefully more than the flows. 

*The Evo II's are $160USD.  BUT I could get them for $80 if I purchased the the fabulous Brooklyn boots that are also in my Terra Plana shopping cart since it is buy one get one half off.  But then I would have to buy $230 boots.  Seems worth it.

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